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Ira, Kolya, Alice, Misha and Dusya. Family session in Corte Madera

- How did you, girls, meet each other?

- In the bathroom.

And it's totally true. We met with Ira at the beginning of 2018. On the New Years' party, if to be precise. And yes. In the bathroom, adding finishing touches to our makeup.

I've been admiring her capacity to do creative things with her kids Alice and Mike since then. And I enjoyed looking at their family trips and adventures around the USA. She is a small business owner also and I'm so excited about her business page coming really soon!

So when one evening she texted me about taking their family pis, I was really happy. We decided about the session date very fast. Well, very very fast!

Ira and Kolya, thank you so much for letting me capture the precious moments for your family. Thank you for one and a half hour drive to the location. For not getting cold in Marin after sunny San Jose. But most of all, thank you for being yourself. Having fun and snuggles. Your energy rocks!

Let's see the result together!

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