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Why hire a photographer for your kid’s birthday?

Updated: Jun 20

I've heard this question: Why do I need it if my friends can take pictures on their phones?

That's an amazing question! I’m pretty sure that friends can take candid pictures on their phones, but the quality is generally different from having a designated person whose sole job is to take pictures all the time.

You’re hiring someone with experience and vision, the ability to see and notice subtle moments of the event, and the ability to preserve them for you.

The main point is that you will be there in those pictures. There is no need to keep the phone with you constantly; feel free to chat with the guests or chase your little ones—or both. We discuss the expectations beforehand if there are some specific things you’re looking for.

Expensive? Maybe. We’re looking at capturing the essence of the celebration within one to two hours and around 10+ hours of the backend work. It’s important for the event photographer to be there as an observer and, at the same time, be able to engage with the guests and get their pictures done if needed.

It's also amazing to show your kids the pictures after some time. I have clients who invite me to capture their kids' birthdays yearly, and it's magical to see their little ones and their friends grow, becoming big sisters and brothers.

I'd love to share the images from two recent parties that I did. I have more, but many people prefer not to share their kids' pictures, so here we are.

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