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How do I book a session? 

Please fill in the contact form, and I will respond as soon as possible. 

Do you travel?

Yes, I do.


There is no travel fee within Marin County (up to Novato on the North, Fairfax on the West, and San Francisco).


Bay Area up to San Mateo/Hillsborough, Berkley, and Petaluma is $75. 

San Jose, Walnut Creek, Sonoma, and Napa is $175.

Other destinations in mind? Let's chat!

What time are the sessions? 

We can do early morning or late afternoon (sunlight is better then). If we're doing a session inside the house, some prior observation is suggested.

If you have small kids, I suggest doing it at their 'Happiest hour.' Happy kids are more important than golden light :) 

What do I wear? 

Once you've booked the session, I provide you with access to Style&Select, a unique online styling tool! I provide you with a styling guide full of tips also.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, I have special rates to appreciate my returning clients! 

What kind of sessions do you do?

- Family 

- Maternity

- Newborn

- Small business branding

What do we do with kids?
How do I get ready? 
Why should I choose you?

I suggest we have a play-based approach to the session. Kids might not be excited about the photoshoot but they are happy to play. And in the meantime we get couple of the images, where everyone is looking at the frame.

-Set your expectations for the shoot

-Check the portfolio for the ideas you like

- Discuss them with the photographer

- Ask all the questions and clarifications beforehand

- Enjoy the moment

Because I do my best every session and create fun and warm environment for you and your kids. Yes, high quality and good quantity of pictures are also a factor. But don't just take my word for it - read the reviews.

I saw the pics at the place X, will I get the same ones? 
How long does it take to get the images?
Do you give .raw files? 

We can definitely do the photoshoot at a location you liked on the website. Even poses, you've appreciated. Still, the images will be reflecting your family and their energy, and there will be moments that are uniquely yours :) 

Usually, I take up to 2-3 weeks to share your folder. It can take another week in the busy season. I share some spoilers with you after a couple of days, so you can have a look or share them on the social media.

No. I give selected retouched ones as agreed per package. I feel sharing the .raw files is like giving the separate ingredients, instead of the fully cooked dish. 

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