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Our family's favorite summer camps!

Updated: Jun 20

What's on parents' minds as summer approaches? Summer Camps! We all want to give our kids a chance to do something fun while having an opportunity to fulfill our work commitments! I'm happy to share my experience and the camps my kids loved in past summers or will attend this summer! I hope you find something worthy for your kid!

Preschool (age 3- 6)

Definitely, Twin Cities Co-Op in Corte Madera

It's my 5th year at this preschool, and I have a couple more years ahead. So, I'm biased, and they are totally worth it. Six weeks to choose from, 9-2 p.m., and a very nice price!

Kindergarten+ (Age 5 and above)

Maker Camp, Larkspur 

My son loves doing things with his hands, so this will be his third year at the camp. He loves the various projects, the instruments used, and the teachers' approach. My elder daughter will also return for her second year of the camp. Seven weeks, 9 -3 pm, before and after care is available.

Abada-Capoeira Marin, San Anselmo

I've enjoyed watching Lisa and Diego in action since Kabir's first year of preschool. Which was 2017(!!). They bring 'the vibe' to the room; kids and adults love it. So we're super excited about their camp this year!

The early bird price is still there! Five weeks, 9 -4 pm. 

Vilda, Variety of locations

My really close friend's kid did this program last year, and it was the best recommendation for me to start the research. I love spending time outdoors, and I want to share that love with my kids. Plus, there were so many fun programs to choose from!

Sage Educators, Larkspur

Kabir and Amy did it last year! They enjoyed learning about nature, playing outdoors, and doing fun experiments. It's three weeks, 9-3 pm. 

Age 7+

Gravity Vault Marin, San Rafael.

I think, after doing this camp, Kabir's love for climbing bloomed. That says it all. Nine weeks, 9-3.30.

Backyard Kids' Theater, San Anselmo.

I have been following them for a long time. I have a number of friends whose kids have done this camp. They all rave about it! Kabir is super excited to be a part of the productions this summer!

Pacific Coast Surf Lessons, Bolinas.

Being frequent visitors to Rodeo Beach has its impact. Kabir has been asking to learn how to surf for two years, and finally, his dream will come true. What spoke to me were the words of one of the owners: We really love what we do and have worked so hard to create a fun, safe, encouraging surf program that encompasses everything the ocean means to us. Ten weeks, 10-3, shuttle is available. 

Age 10 -13

Outdoor Adventure Art Camp with Hachidori Studio, Larkspur

Kabir really loved hiking and doing art in nature. He got to know things about the locations, which i had no idea about. Teacher Lori is an amazing artist and is very knowledgeable.

Last but not least: age preschool to 12th grade, Day camps and Overnight ones

Avid 4 adventure. Variety of locations

This year, a new adventure awaits the big kid. It will be his first expedition camp, and we all are excited about that experience.

What's Kabir is excited about:

  1. Paddle-boarding! A new skill to learn.

  2. Sleep away from home ( throws me back to my childhood and my experience with sleepaway camps:)

  3. It's a new place in California where we haven't been yet!

  4. He's going to have a good time (i love his confidence!)

Expedition campers sleep in tents every night and adventure every day, choosing to focus on a paddling or multi-sport experience. In addition to exploring their spectacular surroundings and logging lots of practice in their sport of choice, they learn lasting skills in everything from gear management and cooking outdoors to problem-solving and teamwork. Perfect for kids and teens craving a genuine outdoor experience in a small-group setting, our eye-opening expeditions give campers the know-how and confidence they need for many adventures to come.

Read more here: Avid4 Homepage or Avid4 About Us 

You will get $ 75 off your booking using the code @olga (@is required) for any session from the link above.

Feel free to share your favorite camps in the comments!

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