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olga trofymets family photographer bay area

Meet Olga! 

Hi! I'm Olga (or Olya, both are correct)!

I'm here to capture the 'essence of your family' at this season of life!

I truly believe that each photo session should be a stress-free experience. It's like a good date where you enjoy the company of each other in the best way possible. I’m sure that you know the things which make your kids have fun. And we always try to incorporate that into the session. I believe that all the feelings are worth documenting. Some of the kids’ feelings are harder for us as adults to bear, but those pictures have a fun story to tell in years. (Come on, have you never snapped a pic of your toddler laying on the floor and screaming in Target?).


I have three kids, and I can totally imagine what kind of effort it takes to get them ready for the pictures. I’m always on your side and happy to suggest the tricks which might work for each age group.


I believe that small kids don’t care about the pictures, but they totally looove to play and be silly. And that’s our super strength which leads to awesome pictures. You all being in the moment. Here and now.


Yes, I also believe that there shall be a couple of pictures where ‘everyone looks at the photographer’, they make great gifts for the grandparents.


We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Marin County and San Francisco are full of gorgeous spots, some of them right in your own backyard. I hike a lot and I’m happy to suggest places which are the best fit for your family.

Some facts about me:

- I've been living for 8 years in Marin County, CA, after being for 6 years in India, and it's  14 years since I left my hometown in Ukraine.

- I love hiking & exploring new places.


- I wish there was a magic wand to clean the house.


- I love coffee. A cup of a latte a day is a must-have!

- Jumped with the parachute. I will do it again. Would you like to join me? 

Questions? Let's chat! 

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