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Where shall we take our pictures next? Part 2. In the trees.

Updated: Jun 20

1. Lovers Lane.

It's most probably one of the most famous spots. Good at almost any time of the day.

Cons: There are no bathrooms in the vicinity. Parking is in a residential area, so it might be easy to find parking or not.

2. Lands end.

I love the tree part of that spot. It can look great in the morning, and especially during the sunset. If we have a longer session, we can always do a loop, including Sutro Baths.

Cons: May be windy in the afternoon.

3. Golden Gate Park.

I think we can find a spot there at any time of the day. GGP also has all kinds of flowers in spring!

Cons: May be pretty crowded, so sometimes earlier the better or during the weekday.

4. Glen Canyon.

It is a smaller patch of trees, but it looks nice, and that can be a benefit if it's close to your house.

5. Old Mill Park, Mill Valley.

Magnificent redwoods.

Cons: Quite dark and might be a bit grainy in the pictures.

6. San Rafael.

This magnificent tree blows my mind every time I go there:)

Cons: Trailhead, no bathrooms around.

7. Hippie tree, Tiburon.

It is a gorgeous tree with a swing and views. There are also lots of rock climbing options for the kids. 

Cons: Swing is heavy; you have to watch the kids at any time.

8. Dawn Falls trailhead, Larkspur.

Beautiful place to walk around!

Cons: Tricky parking, very dark and grainy pics on a cloudy day. 

9. Nicasio Valley.

I just loved the lake and the trees around!

Cons: a bit far from SF

Every gorgeous location has its pluses and minuses. When we choose something for your family, we look at a number of factors (e.g., your kids' happy time, how far they can walk from the parking spot, and, last but not least, whether the place has any significance for your family!). When we are aware of what location brings, we come prepared (at least mentally).

See you soon!


Voted the Best of Marin 2023 by Marin Magazine! 

HONOR AWARD in the 2024 Marin IJ Readers' Choice award contest for the best Photographer in Marin

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