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Experience of working with more than 300 families,  big and small, has made Olga a master of her craft. She is thorough in her approach, scouting the perfect location to convey the right emotions. From timing it so the light is optimal and the kids are happiest to even the bloom cycle of the flowers and the capricious nature of Karl the fog - Olga’s skill lies in her dedication to excelling and the sheer joy she finds in creating lasting memories for families.


Every click carries the weight of experience, and the resulting images are a testament to the long hours spent honing her craft. The secret glance between two siblings, a tender moment between grandfather and grandson, the fullness of motherhood. Olga’s pictures create a narrative that deftly weaves your story together.

Why shall you choose me as your family photographer?

A session with me can be life-changing because the pictures show you the moments that are so easily missed and yet so crucial to treasure. This is why my families return year after year—they trust in my ability to tell their story.

Investment and details

Ready to book or have questions?

I'm happy to get in touch with you and choose the best option for your family!

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