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I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you!

In my experience, the best learning moments were when I was able to ask the questions which were important to me. Or when I asked for feedback on my work as a professional from somebody I really admired.

That's what I want to offer you. Feel free to choose the topic of your interest, from camera settings to shooting in a particular light, editing, or business-related.

It's an excellent opportunity for photographers as well as for parents who would like to take better pictures of their own families.


One on one session

  • Two hours in-person or online session, where we discuss and work on the questions that are important for you

  • Initial up to 30 minutes call to set the expectations for the session is included

  • Follow up via email/Whatsapp

  • $500


Yearly session

  • Once a month 2-hour session. Commitment for a year is required

  • Initial up to 30-minute call.

  • Follow up via email/Whatsapp

  • $300/month


Live session add-on

  • Add-on for one of the services above

  • We go together for the live session and you watch me in the process. Then we discuss the moments/got through selection/ editing.

  • $500 

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