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A complete guide of how not to take pictures at almond gardens. 

Inspired by my blooming Instagram feed I've decided that we need those cute pictures at the almond blossoms also. Urgently. Thankfully a good friend was equally interested to have a good time and a picnic in a beautiful place.

I've packed kids in a car and we took off. After 5 minutes my almost 6-year-old has started a song "are we there yet?". Good, that the younger one decided to fall asleep.

When we reached the orchards, they were amazing. White flowers on the trees, petals on the ground. Gorgeous.

- Mama, I'm bored. Bored. BORED!

- Wahhh! Mamamama

Here's the reality. Ok. Both the kids were bribed with the food. Full tummies - happy babies.

Now it was time to take the pics. The idea of taking 'the picture' where everyone is looking at the frame and smiling was crazy. Amy found the ground too hard to sit and Kabir was constantly bored.

I left the idea of the perfect picture and just started to play with my kids. That worked out. As usual.

The biggest thanks to a friend of mine who managed to capture some really gorgeous snaps of three of us.

If you'd like to do better than us:

1. Take even more friends. Preferably with kids of the same age. Who'd like to make us a company next year?

2. Some fuzzy blanket to sit on the ground.

3. More and more snacks.

4. Last but not least at all - FORGET about everyone looking and smiling pictures. Just enjoy the moment and play together. That's why we're going to such gorgeous places. To create memories. And yeah, why not click couple of snaps BTW.

Let me know what's your experience of taking the 'perfect picture'?

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