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Where shall we take our pictures next? Part 1.

Updated: Jun 20

I'll be doing a couple of posts that suggest the locations where we can go (and I have around 40 of them!). Feel free to contact me and suggest your favorite ones, too!

Today, we will go through some of my favorite locations, which are near GGB, and swing by the rolling hills of Marin!

GGB view!

1. Baker beach. To be honest, it is my favorite place for the bridge. It's definitely less crowded on weekdays. There is plenty of parking, various backgrounds, and a gorgeous view of GGB. Cons are naked dudes who sometimes try to photobomb and Karl the fog, which can roll in pretty fast!

2. Battery Yates (Next to Discovery Museum). There is a gorgeous view, good parking, and a pretty easy hike to the spot. Cons: Windy!

3. Marin Headlands.

I have three different spots at Marin Headlands. All are gorgeous! One of them has view of GGB, other two don't. Things to watch for: Cliffs, if you have very fast toddlers and wind!

4. Fort Point.

If you're looking for a more industrial look, this is your spot! Good for any time of the day!

5. Lands end and Sutro baths.

I love variety and the gorgeous light through the trees during the golden hour! Cons: Be ready for a good hike if we do the entire loop!

Hills in Marin!

1. Hills in Tiburon.

I love the sunset there!

2. Hippie Tree.

It's an awesome spot for any time of the day! 

3. Ring Mountain.

I have two spots to take pictures there! I mostly recommend it for the afternoon!

4. Mount Tam.

The best point to take the pictures above the fog!

5. Mount Burdell.

Last year, it had a superbloom with poppies! I'm so excited for this year!

All spots are 5-10 minutes away from parking, and Mount Tam takes around 15 minutes. 

More locations to come! Keep reading; I love it when you suggest your favorite and meaningful spots!

Feel free to share with friends if you found it helpful!

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