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Seven beaches to go to with your kids!

1. Rodeo beach

This is my family's favorite beach! It has sand, waves, some river on some days, occasional tide pools, and people to play with for the kids.

I also appreciate plenty of parking and bathrooms!

2. China Camp Beach and  McNears.

Lots of spaces to explore.

Smaller parking and porta potties for China camp

For McNears, I like the beach part. Lawns get pretty busy during the weekend with parties and BBQs.

There is good parking and bathrooms. 

3. Miur beach

I generally pair it with sunset at Miur Outlook. Plenty of parking.

4. Shoonmaker beach

Cozy beach in Sausalito. There is limited parking, though. As an option, you can combine it with the visit to Bay Model. 

5. Baker beach

It is one of the most picture locations for GGB view. Watch for the waves! I just realized I have no recent pics of my kids there:) I need to update that!

6. Point Reyes beaches.

We like to fly kites there. It is a longer drive, but it can be made into a day outing with the Point Reyes lighthouse hike and Cypress Tree tunnel. You can also see elephant seals up close in spring and participate in the annual sandcastle contest before Labor Day!

7. My favorite beach in Sonoma is Goat Rock State Beach (quite a drive!). Again, it is may be paired with some yummy food nearby and gorgeous views!

Do you have a favorite beach? Drop it in the comments! 

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