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How to create unforgettable memories from at-home family portrait session

Couple with a toddler in the middle staring out from behind a glass door of the patio and smiling

While location shoots can be beautiful, at-home photo sessions can create truly personal pictures that celebrate your family story. But what is an at-home session, and what is it like?

What is an at-home session?

It is when I come to your place to capture your family at home in your natural environment and space. It is one of the most personal ways to tell your story.

Will it look as good as an outdoor location shoot?

I.e It will be different because the settings are different. At-home shoots are exceedingly personal and reflect the intimacy you have as a family. I’m capturing you in your space, which is as beautiful and unique as your family. No outdoor location can copy the personal space you have created with your loved ones.

What if our space doesn’t have a lot of natural light?

We will choose the time when the kids are the happiest and the light is the best. Also, I always bring light just in case

Will it take longer? Or a shorter amount of time?

It depends on the family and what we do. From experience, the comfort and convenience of at-home sessions tend to result in special family moments reflecting the sweetness of your bonds.

Coudle with a toddler seated in the living room looking at a book and smiling

If you haven’t tried an at-home session before, I highly recommend you do it at least once. It is just different, and you will be amazed at the intimacy that can be captured in your family’s home space. Some families choose to do their family portraits in their homes for several reasons.

Here are some things to consider when deciding what works for you and your family.

  • Cozy Vibes:

Kids thrive in their own familiar surroundings. Having the photo session at home creates a relaxed and comfortable environment, resulting in more natural and genuine smiles. Plus, their favorite toys and blankets can be part of the magic!

  • Convenience:

No packing up, no travel hassles—just the comfort of your own space right at your doorstep.

  • Capture Your Family’s Magical Everyday Moments:

Ever wish you could freeze those precious everyday moments? Capturing family photos at home lets you do just that. Whether it's playtime in the living room, bedtime stories, or cooking adventures in the kitchen, I’ll be there to capture the natural, candid shots that become treasured memories.

  • Weather-proof:

You won’t have to worry about unpredictable weather ruining your plans. Rain or shine, there’s no need to reschedule or deal with outdoor elements that might not be ideal for little ones.

  • Stress-Free Experience:

As a mom with young children, I know that keeping stress levels in check is crucial. A family photo session at home is kinda like a security blanket for the family, providing a stress-free experience for everyone involved. While I always provide my clients with all the support and clear instructions to create a successful shoot, having it at home removes the anxiety over navigating unfamiliar locations, coordinating schedules, or managing potential meltdowns in public (as a parent, I totally get this!). Instead, you can relax and enjoy the process in your own space.

Couple sitting on a rug in the family room reading to their toddler with the man petting a ginger tabby in the foreground

  • Furry Friends Included:

Pets are family, too! When you have your photo session at home, your beloved pets can join in on the fun.

  • Fashion Show Fun

It’s much easier to take a break between shots to switch outfits and accessories. Have the outfit change prepared beforehand, nip into your room for a quick change, and voila! A new look.

  • Bye-Bye Distractions:

With the photo session in your home, you can minimize distractions and create a calm atmosphere. Choose a peaceful time when interruptions are rare, your kids are happiest (after a nap and snack is sometimes best!), and let your family's joy and laughter take center stage.

Remember, capturing the love, joy, and connection within your family is the most important thing. Whether you choose to have your pictures taken at home or elsewhere, the memories you create together will be treasured for a lifetime.

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