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Alice + Joe + baby Auron

I get a really awesome feeling when the idea of the family session belongs to a man. Especially as a gift to his wife, the mother of his first child.

That's how I met with Joe and Alice. Sweethearts from many years they were pregnant with the baby Auron. I loved meeting them and talking about our future experience with the maternity and newborn session. We've chosen the redwoods in Larkspur for the main part of the maternity session. I felt very happy when I saw Ally that day. She was looking gorgeous, in a long dress with elf-like jewelry in her hair. Care about each other and excitement about the new family member were in the air. We will meet again after baby Auron is born to document the moment for the family of three. Being a new parent is such a challenging and rewarding journey. And I'm so excited to share the moments here. Alice and Joe, thank you for letting me create the memories of your family. You guys are amazing and baby Auron is a tiny (not tiny anymore I guess) bundle of joy!

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