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Tiburon China Cabin Wedding

The day of Lena's and Dima's wedding was beautiful. The middle of October has given us warmth and gorgeous weather. No fog, pleasant breeze, wonderful day to get married.

Lena and Dima met as most modern couples do nowadays. They were connected via a wonderful app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Lena got to know about the app by chance and she's met Dima on her first date. Something clicked inside and all the pieces of the puzzle came together.

The China Cabin in Tiburon was looking fantastic. Guests were arriving at the venue. The family of groom was waiting for the bride's arrival. I saw happy people, who were excited about this celebration. And here she was. Beautiful lady walking down the aisle with her father. The golden sun was behind you and it added magic to the moment. I looked at Dima and saw the expression of happiness and deep love on his face.

Dear Lena and Dima! Thank you for the opportunity to share this day with you and your families. To feel love and joy. To meet your families and close people. I wish you lots of happiness on the road ahead! And I'm sure, there're more beautiful moments prepared for your awesome family!

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