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Newborn session San Francisco: Jenine, Karim, Zoe, Zion and grandparents Jakkie and Rick

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Meeting a family with the newborn is a miracle for me. Every single time. I admire new moms and dads from the depth of my heart.

When we met with Jenine and Karim, I was impressed with the coziness of their place. Baby Zion was only about a week old. My heart melted looking at him and Zoe, who became a proud big sister. I felt so much love and support inside of the family.

I love it when grandparents are part of the pictures also. Jakkie and Rick were showering their grandkids with love!

Dear Jenine and Karim, thank you so much for letting me capture your precious moments. Zoe and Zion are so lucky to have such loving parents!

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