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Let your pictures be seen!

4 things you can do now to make the most of your family pictures.

Long haired blonde lady in a room smiling and holding a smiling baby over her shoulder upside down against a wall of family pictures.

You’ve taken some pictures of the family, maybe on your phone, or maybe you’ve done a professional session with me. It's time to make these beautiful memories come alive instead of hiding on your phone or hard drive.

I often hear, 'We all can take good enough pictures of ourselves with our phones'. At the same time, when we have an experience together, you can focus on each other. And create core memories for your kids and yourself. Plus, those memories will be reflected in the images you can look at, print, and share with family members.

4 things you can do now to make the most of your family pictures.

1. Print a family photo book

Services like Shutterfly make it super easy to upload your pictures to a chosen template. Just pick a template or design your own if you are feeling up for it, upload, and order the book after you are done. Some even offer design services if you are stuck. It’s a lovely way to use the pictures you’ve snapped throughout the year (a great gift for the grandparents too).

For our sessions, you can order your prints directly from my site. Your finished photos will be uploaded, allowing you to easily select and print in your chosen size and finish.

I also offer photo-book design and printing services to make it even easier for families I work with.

2. Get your holiday cards ready

Have some professional shots sitting on your drive - now’s the perfect time to get all your holiday cards printed and so you are ready to send come November. Sites like Minted and Vistaprint provide a fast and easy way to print personalized greeting cards.

Portrait of a little girl with long hair tied up smiling at camera in a field on a hill during the golden hour.

3. Too many good pictures? Invest in a digital photo frame

Sometimes it's hard to pick just a few pictures. A digital photo frame solves that problem and makes for a great way to display all your fun pictures on a high-quality screen. Or use an old iPad if you happen to have one you no longer need. It works!

4. Print, Frame and Enjoy!

This is my favorite - picking a few of your favorite pictures to print out and frame so that everyone can enjoy them. Maybe you have one that makes you laugh, your kids running around while you are chasing them, maybe you have one that makes you tear up, a shot of your dad holding your newborn son, the pride illuminating his face.

Trust me - place these in a spot where you’ll see them. Your family is the best ‘art’ you could have. Frame them individually or stick them to a cork board. Just don’t hide these treasures.

two young girls sitting in a fairground chair going round during the day, with one waving

Want to create your own pictures to treasure? Click the button below to book a session today.

If you've ever wondered how to take stress-free family pictures on your own, check out this post with all my pro-level tips for getting the shot.




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