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Ideas of pictures during the quarantine

Somehow, the positive side of the quarantine is the ability for us to spend time together. And we can also document the moments, which are happening. Some of them might not be happening regularly in our busy life.

In this post, I'm going to share with you the ideas. Let's be honest, for the variety I'll be using the images which I've taken throughout the entire last week. I'm also working on getting one day done from the morning till evening. That will be the topic of the next post.

1. Kids playing. Or playing together.

I bet we take these pictures quite frequently. Still, they are awesome moments down the memory line.

2. Studying at home. Somehow I’m not able to resist taking pictures of Amy ‘helping’ Kabir to study. She tries to copy whatever he’s doing now.

3. Cooking together. Doing arts and crafts.

4. Working in a garden.

5. Going for a walk in the neighborhood.

It’s a beautiful spring out there. Please, check the list of parks open and practice social distancing.

6. Details and emotions.

All of them.

7. Experiments.

With your camera, phone, anything you wanted to try.

I hope it was useful for you! Your likes and shares are appreciated!

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