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Baby Josie

His smile was broad and open. Jack was holding in the hands his newborn sister and looking proud of being the Big brother. For a third time. Erin, next after him, was looking at baby with all love. Annie, who got recently promoted from the youngest kid was curious about the change. And the entire house was filled with joy.

I love to come back for the newborn photoshoot. It reminds me about the miracle of new life. And new light of love is shining in the house. I love the saying, that love is like a candle. You can lit many more new candles and it won't become less. And I felt it with this guys.

Jessica and Casey, I had awesome time meeting your family and baby Josie. She's grown so much in the time since the shoot. She has adorable smile and blue eyes. I l loved the vibe in your house and your flexibility to try all the ideas and have fun at the same time!

I appreciate a lot Jessica's mom, Susan for being there. Connection between you and your grandkids is amazing and it was really inspiring!

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